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Together to Victory!



Total: 13 822 000 uah

    Body armour - 92
    Tactical Vest - 188
    Sleeping bags - 98
    Kneepads- 79
    Clothes - 270
    Footwear - 212


Total: 356 500 $

    Cars - 39
    Quad bikes - 7
    Off-road vehicles - 11

Special equipment

Total: 15 180 500 uah

    Thermal cameras- 69
    Walkie-talkies - 515
    Night vision devices - 105
    Drones - 29
    StarLink - 3

Humanitarian aid

Total: 7 020 450 uah

    Turnstiles- 420 
    Surgical set - 1
    Stretchers - 20
    Foods - 45 500 кг
    Dryers - 100
    Medicines - 650 
    Building materials

Supporting equipment

Total: 1 060 000 uah

    Laptop Lenovo - 3
    Printer HP - 1
    Camera 3G - 4
    Generators - 5
    Mobile phones - 27
    Tablets - 17
    Electrocardiograph - 2
    Simcards - 90
    Powerbank - 35

Let's unite together!

Our mission is to ensure that every soldier
be clothed and protected.
With the help of every person from all
corners of the world, we are doing our best
for our army!

Order of the Phoenix

The Order of the Phoenix award was established by the Phoenix Volunteer Centre in February 2023. The Order of the Phoenix was established to reward civic activism and promote the development of the volunteer movement to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The story of the volunteer centre

Oleksandr Redka is one of the founders of the Phoenix volunteer centre.

Oleksandr is an ordinary guy from Dnipro, who until 2014 was engaged in the restaurant business, but everything changed after the events in Donbas. Having decided to help the military in the ATO zone, he volunteered to deliver protective equipment, drones and other aid,
using mostly his own money.
During these trips to the frontline, Oleksandr often came under fire - in total, the occupiers fired at three vehicles he was volunteering in, the last one when he was returning from Donetsk airport, but thank God he survived.
In the midst of the fighting in Donbas, Oleksandr decided to join a volunteer battalion to fight! As a result of his service, he was seriously wounded in the leg by a sniper rifle, his leg was actually blown off. By all means, he was taken to
to the Mechnikov Hospital in Dnipro, where his leg was reassembled in pieces.
In total, Oleksandr underwent 19 surgeries and suffered TWO cardiac arrests, which is why he was given the call sign "Phoenix" by the doctors. An artificial bone was fitted in his leg.
Subsequently, it took years to recover. Oleksandr underwent treatment in Ukraine and abroad.
The ups and downs only strengthened his spirit! The leg was saved, although Oleksandr remained a person with a disability, but this does not prevent him from living a full life and helping other people!
In 2016, Oleksandr and his friend published the book Volunteer. The Philosophy of Eating", describing in detail all the events and experiences Alex had gone through, as well as how he rethought his life and values. By the way, even the President of Lithuania read the book, as well as
many famous people around the world! Hollywood plans to make a film based on the story, as the book has received only positive feedback from those who have read it. We are waiting for the second part!
Oleksandr has never stopped volunteering - he helped the Ukrainian military in the ATO zone, and the Phoenix volunteer centre was created on the basis of this.
Today, after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, Phoenix became one of the first centres to help our Armed Forces! Oleksandr is still delivering the necessary things for our military to the hottest spots of Ukraine, so that our army is provided with everything it needs and
to win the war!




Volunteer. The philosophy of devouring

Stanislav Ageev, Alexander Redka

Each of us has experienced pain, betrayal, indignation, disappointment, but they are levelled by love, beauty, the ability to reach for a dream, and most importantly, the ability to think. Independently. Without instructions and guidance. If you agree with us, you are our reader!


Details of the donation

We believe that good action is powerful and strive to give everyone the opportunity to feel its transformative effect

Details for donations, replenishment in Ukraine:

VOLUNTEER CENTRE PHOENIX45093582CB PrivatBankUA423052990000026003005506424 UAH--------------------------------On a car for the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Raising money for a car for 10 brigades together
🎯Goal: 580 000.00 ₴.
🔗Link to the bank
💳Bank card number
5375 4112 0501 3

--------------------------------PayPal ID: moc.liamg%4078ki4doverepRecipient:Redka Oleksandr

Details for donations, replenishment from Europe:

iban: ES43 0182 4462 3202 0160 5163
Oleksandr Redka
BBVA account for Spain transactions

Crypto wallets:

Bitcoin (BTC)1EZocKZ4XU4NFH5qc5dbUau3Qdcpfpmi7c

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USDT (TRC20)TGzM1LSH1CkbMADkeut17qheMWBxm9W8Cp

Ethereum (ERC20)0x3cc5d6910d0d76a2346731902501fdbd0aa0acf0

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Ivano-Frankivsk region. Yaremche district,
Polianytsia (Bukovel), Preluky, 557

+380 68 887 43 87au.moc.retnolovxineohp%40retnolov

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